Friday, July 13, 2007

Salton Sea trip, final bits

Wrapping up, here are the bits of our Salton Sea trip that didn't fit into any of the previous four postings (post 1 - post 2 - post 3 - post 4)...
These be date-palm groves. We saw a lot of them. They're sexy.
Then there was our stop at "Salvation Mountain."
According to the Cajun, who chose this detour, this beyond-bizarre creation is the work of "folk artist and classic American eccentric Leonard Knight."
It sits on property owned by the state of California about 5 miles east of Niland.
It was 115 degrees F. (46.1 C.) as we visited. We found Mr. Knight napping deep inside the structure and chose not to disturb him.
Should you wish to visit, the Cajun advises that you head east on Main Street in Niland, cross the railroad tracks and travel 2.5 miles on Beal Road.
While the Cajun was inside snapping photos of the sleeping artist, I climbed to the top of the monstrosity.
Because it was 115 degrees, the climb nearly killed me. I collapsed on a folding chair in the shade of a decrepit 5th-wheel trailer and sent an SMS to the Cajun to immediately come unlock the car and blast the air-con at me.
Last but not least, we visited Slab City, which sits next to Salvation mountain. It's an abandoned military facility that's been taken over by squatters in campers.
This is the main stage of the encampment -- apparently the site of many fascinating performances, when it's not 115 degrees outside. There is much more over at Scoopzone, the Cajun's blog.
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