Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Groan and write a check?

Here's a conundrum for you. Everybody on my big e-mail list who has bothered to hit reply thinks the No On Prop 8 TV ads are lame. That they are uninspiring, unclever, uncreative and, in spots, groan-inducing. (Ad #1 -- Ad #2 -- Ad #3)

The moment in ad #2 when the housewife pauses dramatically, cocks her head, and says, "No" was the moment I let out a sigh.
So I kvetched to (shared my opinion with) the top of the No On Prop 8 campaign. Their answer was pretty simple and goes like this: "Those ads are not for you. They've been extensively tested on undecided voters -- and they work. We are really behind in fundraising compared to the anti-gay side. We need more money right now to get these ads on the air. Go to NoOnProp8.com and donate now. If we get the money to run these ads, we will win. If we don't, we will lose."

I guess I need to get out more. Meanwhile, these viral ads from clever boys in Hollywood make me happy. If I wasn't a journalist, and I saw these ads on TV, I'd be inspired to walk to my checkbook quickly. Watch.
So, the conundrum: No On Prop 8 wants gay people to write checks to run ads that gay people find uninspiring. Their argument: Trust us, we paid big money to prove that these ads work.

At this juncture, I guess you best trust in the expensive consultants and pony up if you want the California Supreme Court decision to stick.

Meanwhile, for comparison, here are a couple of the effective ads from the folks who want to re-ban same-sex marriage in California: Ad #1 -- Ad #2.

No on Prop 8's law firm has asked TV stations to stop airing these ads because they "are full of lies."

"There is nothing in Prop 8 about teaching children in our schools, nothing that would affect religion or religious institutions in any way, " said No on 8 Campaign Manager Steve Smith.

And this just in: Ellen DeGeneres has released a No on Prop 8 PSA. You can watch it here.

And, I just learned, so has Margaret Cho. Here.

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