Thursday, October 16, 2008

Help me believe

I wanna believe, really I do, that the consultants for Equality California/No On (Prop) 8 know what they're doing in this TV-ad war over amending the California Constitution to re-ban same-sex marriage. Bloggers and others have called the gay side's ads "tepid," "lame" and "underwhelming." Folks on my mailing list have called them uninspiring, unclever, uncreative and groan-inducing. But now, EQCA/No on 8 says they've decided to be "hard-hitting." This is what they came up with:

"Our New ad Fights Back," says the headline on EQCA's Web site. "The opposition has raised over $25 million to 'swiftboat' and smear us with television ads that tell lies -- that we are attacking children and churches. That is why we've launched a hard-hitting ad that refutes the lies the other side is broadcasting 24/7."

If I were king, I'm not sure what I would do adwise. I might do an ad that showed 40 married same-sex couples, rapid-fire, one couple at a time, in 30 seconds, ending with: "Don't un-marry us. Vote no on Prop 8."

I might have Republican San Diego Mayor (and former police chief) Jerry Sanders and his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend do one. Sanders made national news last year when he switched his position to support same-sex marriage. He could say something like: "Hi, I'm San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, this is my daughter, Lisa, and this is her partner, Meaghan. If and when Lisa and Meaghan decide to get married, I'd like them to be able to. That's why I oppose Proposition 8, which would take away their right to marry and write discrimination in to our constitution..."

I think I'd pay to run the this one, where the California Constitution is portrayed as a hot babe.

That'd get the attention of straight dudes in Barstow and Fresno.

And I might ask Gov. Schwarzenegger, who opposes Prop 8, to do an ad against it, if that's kosher. Any ideas of your own?

EQCA/No on 8 says their current ads have been tested on undecided voters, that the ads "work," and that if more money is donated to continue blasting away on TV, "we will win." The money has indeed been flowing in recent days (and they say more is needed). So, I guess we're gonna see in 19 days...
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