Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another mongo Prop 8 demo in San Diego

Between at least 7,000 (police estimate) and 10,000 people marched against Proposition 8 today in San Diego, from Hillcrest, the primary gayborhood, to North Park, the secondary gayborhood -- a distance of about two miles.
The protest was organized "virally" -- via e-mail and, primarily, text messages.
Another virally organized anti-Prop 8 demo the Saturday before the election drew similar numbers.
Gay street actions of this size are unheard-of in San Diego, apart from Pride, which draws around 150,000 people to Hillcrest each July.
Big anti-Prop 8 protests are taking place across the state, suggesting the gay masses have been awakened.
Prop 8, passed by voters Nov. 4, amended the state constitution to negate the state Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage, which had been legal since June 16.
Wockner News photos by Fergal O'Doherty
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