Saturday, December 20, 2008

Light Up the Night for Equality (San Diego version)

San Diego took part in Join The Impact's national "Light Up the Night for Equality" anti-Prop 8 rallies tonight.
We actually had six protests at six different local malls. Andrés and I drove to the one closest to my house, at Fashion Valley mall.
There were 165 protesters at that location. Of the six sites, Fashion Valley mall is closest to the gay neighborhoods, so perhaps that was the biggest of San Diego's six demos.
As this was a "silent vigil," there was no chanting -- and participants were told not to bring protest signs. That's all good and well as long as passersby have some inkling what you're silently doing. Unfortunately, that did not seem to be the case here. People kept asking. The pretend nuns in face paint likely added to the confusion.
I have to admit, I found our 25,000-strong protest march on Nov. 15 much more invigorating, as did 24,835 other people, apparently.
Pictured below is my openly gay city councilman, Todd Gloria, who recently replaced my "termed out" openly lesbian city councilwoman, Toni Atkins. I hope he will prove to be as much fun as Toni's always been.
Join The Impact's next nationwide action is Jan. 10 -- when the group has called for marches on the 50 state capitols to remind Barack Obama that he has promised to repeal the anti-gay federal Defense of Marriage Act, aka DOMA.
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