Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Maine election night live

Election night - NO on 1 campaign event - Holiday Inn - Portland, Maine

[1:32 a.m.] The NO on 1 campaign has not conceded, but looking at the precincts that have not been counted, it's difficult to see how the No side could make up the 28,000 votes that separate "Yes" and "No." That's it for now.

[1:26 a.m. Last update for now.] Gays: 47.25%. Anti-gays: 52.75%. 87% of precincts reporting.

[12:49 a.m.] Gay side carried Portland (73%) , South Portland (64%), Bangor (54%), Kennebunkport (61%), Bar Harbor (73%) and UMaine (81%). Anti-gay side carried Lewiston (60%) and Augusta (53%).

[12:26 a.m.] Campaign Director Jesse Connolly does not concede; says absentee/early-voting ballots have not been counted, and neither have towns and villages.

[10:20 p.m.] Gov. John Baldacci.
[10:08 p.m.] Gays: 50.62%. Anti-gays: 49.38%. 22% of precincts reporting. Bangor Daily News (best election-results site) very crashy. Too may antsy gays! NO on 1 Twitter results feed going strong.
[9:09 p.m.] Events are under way here. Off to take some pics.
[9:08 p.m.] They're saying we just won Kalamazoo. The bad guys were trying to undo a GLBT anti-discrimination law.
[8:45 p.m.] The fastest incoming results are on the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality Twitter feed. The fastest organized/coordinated results are here.

[7:31 p.m.] Live from the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality election-night event in downtown Portland, your friendly bloggers at work.
[5:27 p.m.] Heading down to the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality election-night event.
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